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Introducing the FlipTop. The best Tri Fold hard lid available.

FlipTopEnjoy the security of a hard cover with the versatility of a soft cover for those long or high loads, easy to install with our unique clamp on, no drill system, light weight but not light weight when it comes to strength.

Unlike other Tri Fold ute lids, There is no need for drainage holes or tubes. It seals to the top of the tub, so any water will run off the top and over the sides.
Fitting is the same for all models, using our uniquely designed clamps, one in each corner, making fitting and removing your new flip Top Tri Fold Lid quick and easy.

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    Key Features of the FlipTop:
      • Tri fold design for easy, immediate access to your tub.
      • Light weight easy to install & remove.
      • Installation time under 5mins (Lift on Lift off).
      • No drill installation.
      • Secures cargo when tailgate lockable.
      • Weather/Water resistant.
      • Unique Clamping design makes installation and removal childs play.
      • There is no need for drainage holes or tubes.
All FlipTops are protected by a complete 3 Year Australian Warranty.

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